Balsamroot Ranch Jewelry

 About Balsamroot Ranch Jewelry-

I started making jewelry in 2010. After taking classes I was truly in love with the art of making jewelry. 
Handcrafted with care my jewelry is a combination of natural and unique materials including reclaimed sterling silver, gold and copper paired with gemstone, pearls and drilled river stones.
Every piece of jewelry is made at made studio in beautiful Central Washington State.
What makes my business unique?
I make what I love to wear! I've been told to follow current fashion trends and styles but that's not me.  My passion is to make classic easy to wear jewelry. I want to be the brand that women say “I wear this every day! It's my go to jewelry!

The best business advice I've received.
Share information with other artists. When we help a new artist or business it benefits us all.
Arrowleaf Balsamroot Flowers
In case you were curious, balsamroot are beautiful, bright yellow wildflowers that show their colors every Spring in Eastern Washington.






















Handcrafted in Cashmere, WA